Frequently asked Questions

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+ What's the difference between REGISTERING and SIGNING-ON?

REGISTERING is the process of providing your details so you can be added to our files. This only has to be done once, not each year.
SIGNING-ON is the process of selecting which days you are available for Marshalling and where you would like to go. This must be completed for EACH event i.e. once for the TT and separately for the MGP.

+ Why can't I just use my email address to login?

Some people share email addresses amongst other family members. This means we cannot accurately identify who you are from your email address

+ Why can't I set all days to the same place at once?

To avoid mistakes and ensure people only mark the days they will be available, we have deliberately asked for each day to be entered explicitly

+ Why can't I add when & where I want to Marshal as soon as I have registered my personal details?

The personal details entered and sent to the office for checking and input onto our system. This is to ensure the data is valid and that someone hasn't already registered and forgotten about it!

+ What happens if I forget my Warrant number or password?

Use the 'I have forgotten my details' link near the top of the page. Answer some questions so we can identify you and your details will be emailed to the address we have on record for you.

+ Can I change the dates/places I selected afterwards

Not at the moment. Sorry. Contact the office.

+ Can I change my password I use to login to Online signing-on

Yes. From 2015 this is available once you have signed-in.

+ I have forgotten when/where I said I would Marshal

Simpy login to the system using your warrant number and password and select the 'Signon' button. If you have already told us where and when you will be Marshalling, these will be displayed on-screen.

+ Do I need to sign anythng when I collect my Warrant

Not any more! From 2014, online signing-on has introduced a method of collecting your signature electronically.This has been agreed with the ACUE and their Insurers as sufficient for these purposes.

+ What is a 'Marshals Pack'?

A 'pack' contains the latest copy of the booklet 'Marshalling the TT Course' along with any other important information. It also includes the wallet and lanyard to hold your warrant as well as any gift.

+ I have completed my registration details. What happens now?

The details are sent to the TTMA office for checking. Once that is completed, you will receive an email containing your warrant number and a link to create a password which you can then use to login to the system.

+ I have filled out when and where I am available to Marshal. What happens next?

The details will be used by the Chief Sector Marshal to update the rota. All you have to do it turn up to collect your warrant and 'pack' and go to where you said you would Marshal on the day. They will be expecting you!

+ What should I do if I can no longer Marshal for one or all events.

If it is before the event starts, just let the office know using the usual email address or phone number. If you can't attend on the day of a race, please contact your CSM using the number on your warrant card.

+ Where do I collect my warrant & 'pack' from?

Warrants are usually printed and distributed the week prior to practice. You may collect them from the TTMA office or one of the pack-nights held during that week.

+ Do I need to provide any equipment?

You need to wear suitable clothing as it could be sunny, windy, wet or even snowing! You can collect a reflective tabard when you collect your Warrant and 'pack'