Training IMC

We all know the importance of giving the correct treatment within the first few minutes of an incident. With this in mind, the Isle of Man TT Marshals’ Association Limited in conjunction with the St. John Ambulance Service runs Incident Management Courses (IMC) during the year.
Current course dates can be seen using the menu under ‘Training’.

Completion of the course gives a IMC badge and a Certificate from the TTMA. The certificate given will be Nationally recognised by St John Ambulance, ‘Emergency Aid for Motorcyclists’ which will also give you the skills for dealing with an RTA etc.

The knowledge you gain would be taken everywhere with you – it could be vital at home, work, on the street, as well as when marshalling at the TT, Festival of Motorcycling (MGP) or one of the many other Motorcycling events on the Isle of Man. We have many marshal’s who have used these skills within their own every day life situations.

The ultimate ambition of the Isle of Man TT Marshals’ Association Ltd. is to have all our members IMC trained however this is NOT a requirement to marshal in fact we would like you to do at least 3-4 sessions at the TT or the Festival of Motorcycling (MGP) before you are trained. Please note the training is IOM-specific and has nothing to do with marshalling at circuits in the UK or Ireland.

We arrange a number of IMC training courses both on the Island and in the UK during the year, and details will be placed on this website and in our regular newsletters.
Certified training is available for all marshals both on and off the Island, so please make every attempt to attend and keep your skills up.