Steam Packet – Discount scheme

Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

Rebate Scheme for Marshals that attend both the

TT and FoM in the same year.

As a further reward to those marshals that travel by ferry to both events we are pleased to be able to offer a rebate on your Festival of Motorcyling ferry costs. Again it is hoped that this scheme will help attract more marshals to help the safe and smooth running of both events.


  • A person paying a FoM ferry fare of £200 or less will receive a rebate of 50% of the fare paid.
  • Anyone paying a ferry fare of more than £200 will receive the maximum rebate of £100.
  • This rebate will be given against the ferry booking for the Festival of Motorcycling, provided that the applicant has marshalled at both the TT and FoM and that they have booked with the Steam Packet Company for both trips.
  • No rebate is available for visiting marshals who travel to only one event.
  • Rebates cannot be requested in advance of travel and can only be claimed during FoM.
  • Rebates will be given against foot passenger bookings or any vehicle and passenger bookings with the exception of any commercial/freight bookings.
  • To claim your refund, please visit our online signon page; Login using your warrant and password then choose the ‘Steam Packet Refund’ option.
    (if you don’t already have a password or have forgotten it, please use the ‘Send me My Login Details’ and follow the instruction on the screen)