Signing On

Signing-on is the process by which REGISTERED Marshals inform the Association of when and where they are willing to marshal.

This must be completed for each event that you are offering your services e.g. at TT and at MGP/CTT (FoM) but of course you don’t have to do both the TT and the MGP nor do you have to do every session of an event – even a few days is helpful.

We allow people to choose where they would like to Marshal but for operational reasons, we may have to ask them to move to somewhere that is not up to the required manning level for a race or practice to go ahead.

Newly registered Marshals that have never been out on the course before are deemed to be ‘Novices’ until they have completed 10 road-side sessions (or completed an Incident Management Course which counts for three road-side sessions). These marshals will alwaybe be placed alongside more experienced Marshals who will show them what is required of them.

Once you have made your choices and answered the other questions on the page, you MUST enter your signature as displayed. This is for insurance purposes and if you don’t complete this stage you will NOT be signed-on.

Your confirmation of signing-on will be emailed to the email address we have on file for you (although you can chose an additional email address to receive the notification).

Once that is done, there is nothing more to do until much closer to the event when you will have to collect your pack and warrant before you can go out to Marshal the event.