Sector 7

Ballacobb is the start of Sector 7, leading to the iconic Ballaugh Bridge. The bikes are well known to ‘gain air’ over the bridge. The section is lead by 2 Deputy Sector Marshals and extends through the village.
There is the Spar shop for food & drinks, with toilet facilities available. On the opposite side is the Raven Pub, food is available here, but only accessible during the roads open or when the crossing point is open.

The Ballacrye section is split into 3 positions. The first one is the field where, during the TT, there is a grandstand; The bikes can be seen approaching and taking a fast sweeping left hand bend then straightening up for Ballacrye Jump at the second position. The jump is actually where the road drops away and the bikes take off, this is a very spectacular place to marshal. After landing the bikes accelerate towards a fast right hand bend at the third position Ballacrye Road End before heading off to Quarry bends.

Position 1 has toilet facilities and food available during the TT (not a MGP).

The ‘Jump’ has a toilet and a cabin where we store the equipment. The DSM brings a small cooker ensuring a brew is always available.

We have quite a few regular marshals that come back every year, they are a friendly bunch and a lot of people who come for the first time come back.

Next you hit the series of bends known as Quarry Bends. This section extends to the Gob y Volley farm. Under the direction of a DSM who is based at the Wildlife Shelter. It is recommended that you bring food & drink with you, although tea, coffee and biscuits, and sometimes cake are always on offer at the Wildlife Shelter. You may even see a wallaby!

This brings you to the Sulby section, starting with Ballacaley X Roads, affectionately known as Wallaby watch! One of the main jobs here is to spot any wallabies and scare them away from the track!

After the kink at Cooilbane (Caley’s Corner) you enter the Sulby X Roads leading down the Sulby Straight, one of the fastest sections of the course, with the superbikes travelling over 190mph. This is where the speed trap is.

The DSM is based at the Sulby X Roads. Food and drink is available at the Sulby Glen Hotel and at Caleys Stores on the opposite side of the road, again accessible only during roads open or when the crossing point is open. Toilet facilities also available.

Sulby Village – this is the “corner” at the end of the Sulby Straight exiting the village and taken as a straight line by the top riders at around 195mph. Parking is available in the lane and food and toilets are a short walk across the field during breaks.
This is one of the top spots to view really close up high speed action and Marshal cover is always welcomed here.

Sulby New Flag – half way between Sulby Village and Sulby Bridge. The bikes are getting on the brakes for the 3-2-1 countdown markers from around 195mph to set themselves up for the right hand bend at Sulby Bridge. This is a flag location for key incident warnings – good experience to be had under the direction of an experienced flag Marshal. There is good parking available in St. Jude’s Road adjacent to Sulby Bridge with food and toilets a short walk away at the Bridge during breaks.

Sulby Bridge – bikes take the right hand corner over Sulby Bridge after travelling in sixth gear for some time on the approaches. They have to brake from top speed to around 50/60mph whilst trying not to run wide on the bridge exit. Plenty of good parking is available in St. Jude’s Road adjacent to Sulby Bridge along with food and toilets. An experienced and friendly team here is led by a Deputy Sector Marshal who will always extend a welcome, explain what happens and allocate something to do. One of the really top spots on the TT course.

Carrick Park – bikes are winding on towards Ginger Hall and the end of Sector 7. This is also a flag point between Sulby Bridge and “The Ginger”. There is plenty of parking with food and toilets a short walk away at the nearby Ginger Hall Hotel. Marshals are welcome here under the direction of a Deputy Sector Marshal.

Sector 7 ends with the famous Ginger Hall section, watch the bikes disappear up and around the bend heading for Ramsey. The DSM is based at the Ginger. Food & drink are available here with toilet facilities.

I hope to see you in Sector 7. Thanks, Vicki Barrass.