Sector 4

Leaving Sector 3 at Dorans Exit the first flag point in S4 is Beary Bridge which immediately leads into the sharp tight Laurel Bank 1 and Laurel Bank 2 sections. There are portaloos provided at both sections with good car parking but there is very limited spectator access and viewing at both points.

After passing the 9th milestone flag point on the right, Glen Mooar Garage which has the radio call sign “Black Dub” is met. At this point is a red flag parking up area, the car park apron is a restricted area which means that no spectators are permitted within it. Again there is a portaloo provided for marshals at this point. Good car parking. After the sharp left/right bends at the dub, we pass the Vaaish flag point which immediately precedes the helicopter site at the sheep fields on the right hand side.

Good car parking and again equipped with a portaloo, the sheep fields are a popular spectator vantage point with easy access to and from Glen Helen via a footpath running alongside the course. This footpath also connects Glen Helen 1 and Glen Helen 2 (Bridge) flag points which in turn leads into Glen Helen car park.

At this position is the first Radio Commentary point on the course and as such is a busy and popular spectator area. There are excellent facilities on offer here including public toilets. As a marshalling point it is the second of three red flag parking up areas within the sector.

As the competitors exit the sharp uphill left hander out of Glen Helen, at the top of Creg Willeys hill, is probably the trickiest series of bends the riders confront on Sector 4. Sarah’s Cottage is a place which demands good judgment from the riders. There is good car parking and a portaloo for marshals. However there are very few spectators.

As we pass the intermediate flag points at the “Pallet” and the “Saltbin” (humorously known as “the Sin Bin”) we come to the Lambfell section with its three flag points; which in turn leads onto the very fast Cronk-y-Voddy straight where speeds of up to 180 mph are achieved.

This is a very popular area for spectators to enjoy the racing, and all marshals need to display an extra degree of vigilance at this point. The Cronk-y-Voddy straight is no place for anyone to attempt a “Usain Bolt” across the course. The Sector ends at Cronk-y-Voddy Crossroads, which is also the third of the red flag parking up points.

Sector 4 has a total of 21 flag points within its 2.5 miles length; many of its sub sections have sharp complex bends and corners which ensure that riders and marshals alike are kept interested! Each section has its own Deputy Sector Marshal and manning level, (52 is the minimum required to marshal the sector) and each point has its own particular attraction.

Sector 4 is always looking for people to recruit into its ranks, and a warm welcome is always extended to “newbies” and to marshals who perhaps would like a change of scene. For more information, please contact the CSM through the TTMA office.