Sector 3

Sector Three

Sector Three includes the point on the Course where the riders change from travelling west towards Peel to turn northwards towards Ramsey. There is a good selection of fast straights, slower right and left corners and all between hedges, trees, traditional farm buildings and Manx stone walls. The Sector also has a number of marshalling points which enable marshals and spectators to be able to leave the sector on open roads and access most of the rest of the Island. Most of the sections of the Sector have helicopter landing spots, should there be need for one.


The first marshalling point as the course leaves Sector Two at Greeba Castle, is Appledene Approach which is positioned on the right hand side (the inside) of the Course in an existing gated field entrance where there is space to park one vehicle. This marshalling point is opposite Rhenny Road where there is more parking available. Next is Appledene scaffold elevated above the road, on the outside of the Course opposite Northop Cottage. After that is Appledene, a fast right hand bend where the marshalling point is on the outside of the Course, accessed by a field gate. There is a portable toilet at this marshalling point and a bunch of friendly marshals led by John and Rich. Once you are stationed at and of the Appledene marshalling points, you won’t be able to leave onto open roads until the session has ended and the Roads Open car has passed. Appledene also has two further marshalling points Appledene/Greeba Kennels, on the same side of the road before you reach Greeba Bridge. There are four radio operators and a number of flag points within this part of the Sector. Parking is available nearby with the kind permission of a house owner.

Greeba Bridge

Greeba Bridge focuses on the bridge where the marshalling point is on the inside of the Course and where there is usually an ambulance and medical assistance. The Deputy Sector Marshals here are Ron and Steve and they manage a number of points, including Greeba Flag – on the scaffold on the approach to the bridge, The Hawthorn public house and restaurant and various opportunities for a number of spectator areas. There are a number of radio operators here and flag marshals. Most of the marshalling points in this area are available with the kind permission of Peter Dale, the farmer who owns the majority of the land adjacent to the Course. Once at the Greeba marshalling points you will need to stay there for the duration of the session. Parking is available on the various lanes that adjoin the Course.

Knock Breck

Knock Breck sits between The Hawthorn and includes a marshalling point in the entrance to a house on the outside of the Course, a scaffold marshalling point before Harold’s Cottage where there are a number of spectators behind the stone wall on the left hand side of the road, before reaching Gorse Lea. The marshalling points are all on the outside of the Course and there are some opportunities for accessing open roads outside the Course whilst the circuit is closed and racing and practising is on-going. Parking is available in the various lanes adjacent to the Course and some driveways with the kind consent of the property owners. There is a toilet at Harold’s Cottage thanks to the house owner here.

Gorse Lea

Gorse Lea sits on the outside of a fast right hand bend where there is a small covered area where marshals can stand. They are managed by Reg, the DSM. This is always a popular place where marshals want to go and can be over-subscribed as there is limited space for marshals to stand. There is no parking here but parking is usually available at Harold’s Cottage.

Ballagarraghyn Bridge

Between Gorse Lea and Ballacraine, there is Ballagarraghyn Bridge which is a slight rise on a very fast straight where both wheels of riders’ machines can often leave the tarmac and when two or sometimes three machines pass side by side, it can be a thrilling spectacle. Parking is available in the driveway thanks to the permission of the land owner.


Ballacraine is a right hand corner which slows the machines down although some over-run when riders forget where they are or need to pull in. Marshals at Ballagarraghyn Bridge, Ballacraine Flag and Ballacraine work together when there is a need for a black flag to be displayed (at Ballagarraghyn Bridge) and the riders pull in at Ballacraine. Ballacraine is the only place in Sector Three where a red flag can be displayed. Ballacraine is in the control of Ian and Sos, the two DSMs. There is an abundance of parking on the public roads on both sides of the crossroads, most on the southern exit leading to The Hope. There is a portable toilet here.


Uphill and on the right past Ballacraine, is Ballaspur, a fast left hand corner where Milesand Jim are usually in charge. There is a small area of scaffold where marshals and first aiders can stand and they are often visited by Brian Caley, the owner of the adjacent farmland who generously allows the scaffold and the marshals to be in position. A limited amount of car parking is available at Ballaspur Farm but it is probably preferable and more convenient for the farmer, if new marshals park at Ballacraine and walk up.


Further along from Ballaspur and on the outside of a very fast right hand bend is Ballig Farm Approach. This, with Ballig Farm and Ballig work to inform marshals at Ballig Bridge of what is happening and there are a number of radio operators and flag marshals in this area. All the marshalling points here on the outside of the Course can get access to public roads. The Tynwald Mills complex is nearby. Barry is the DSM at Ballig and the next section, Doran’s Bend. Parking is available at Ballig Farm entrance, Tynwald Mills road and Poortown Road at the bridge. There is a portable toilet at the bridge.

Doran’s Bend

The last section of Sector Three is Doran’s Bend, located before Laurel Bank in Sector Four. Doran’s accommodates the left hand bend and the marshals are positioned on the right on the inside of the course. There is also a marshalling position on the right in the entrance to the big house on the right. Once here in either of these two points, you will have to remain for the duration of the session. No parking is available here and marshals should park at the junction of the Course with the Poortown Road and walk up to their positions.

Sector Three is managed by Dave Dentith, an experienced and friendly chap who would be very happy to have you in his Sector, no matter how much or little experience you may have. Everyone has something to offer and the regular marshals are always there to help. We are all very grateful for the assistance of the St. John Ambulance and First Responders who make themselves available for the sessions and who make the marshals’ responsibilities so much easier.

Any queries, please contact Dave on 07624 481958 or e-mail him using: