Sector 11

Sector 11

We Mountain folk embrace new marshals. It can get a bit cold and blowy up there but we are a hardy breed.

Windy Corner

A fast sweeping right hander, the big boys come thru there at bout 150mph from the 32nd. There are toilet facilities and a shelter but no catering, so bring plenty of food and a flask. It does get windy up there as the name suggests but the crew are friendly and welcoming. Car parking facilities available


33rd milestone

Not a bad place to marshal, when the bikes come round there they come at you pretty fast, there will be a toilet there this year but same as windy corner no catering so bring food and drink with you. Limited parking. There is a hut there.


Keppel Gate

Good viewing and parking and a shelter. No catering, but there is a stove for cooking and Brian the DSM does cook. Please offer to contribute if you do accept the offer of food. A very friendly crew.


Kates cottage

Limited parking a shelter, not for the faint hearted. Very nice crew and welcoming

Creg ny Baa

No shelter but there is parking. If you would like to marshal there be there early, or you may be charged to park. There are no dispensations for the marshals unfortunately. There is catering there run by the pub and the food is very good.