Sector 10

SECTOR 10 – The Verandah to the 32nd


The Good Bits

  • Fast racing and the chance to see them for up to a mile.
  • The people – many have been marshalling on the Mountain for some years and are a friendly bunch
  • The views of the Island – especially on good days
  • Less “Crowd Control”

The not quite so Good

  • During TT you need to be there earlier and leave later
  • It can be wet and cold

The Verandah. Fast right hander – four bends taken as one.

Minimum manning is one DSM and five marshals.

Marshals are now positioned on the outside of the course, Flagman at the first bend, the main crew just before the layby (3rd bend), with a “Spotter” above the road on the exit, the eyes for the others on what happens on the following straight. There is a metal shelter and portaloo.

Limited parking at the old shelter on the inside of the course on the straight following the bends (two cars plus bikes). Additional parking is available at the Black Hut the last point in the previous sector.

No catering, but the marshals cook and brew their own on a gas cooker.

Fantastic views down the Laxey valley.

Graham‘s Memorial Fast “S” bend. Minimum manning is one DSM and three marshals.

  • Flagman at the entry with the other marshals at the brick shelter on the second bend. There is a portaloo.
  • No parking for cars. Bikes can park on the grass or walk round from the Bungalow.
  • No catering. Marshals cook and brew on a gas cooker.
  • Fantastic views down over Laxey Valley.

The Bungalow Quick “S” bend. Popular with spectators. Minimum manning one DSM and five marshals plus medic(s).

  • Flagman at entry with the main crew in a brick shelter on the second bend of three and a flagman on the exit.
  • Portaloo.
  • Plenty of parking or take the tram up from Laxey. Connecting road with Sulby Crossroads and Ginger Hall.
  • Catering. Burger van on site, with tea brewing etc. in the shelter.
  • Views of the bikes all the way up to Brandywell, and also views down the Laxey valley.

Brandywell Highest point on the course.

Another quick “S” bend. Popular with spectators.

  • Minimum manning is one DSM, six marshals and a travelling marshal.
  • Two flagman at the entry (Hailwood Heights) the other marshals at the brick shelter on the second bend. Portaloo.
  • Plenty of parking. Connecting roads with Barregarrow, Crosby, Glen Vine, Union Mills, Cronk ny Mona and Douglas via the access road.
  • Catering van sometimes practice week and normally in race week. Brewing facilities.
  • Views of the bikes along the Verandah Straight, Bungalow and all the way up to Brandywell. Mountain views all round.

32nd Milestone (AKA ‘Dukes’)

  • Three left-hand bends .Very fast, taken as one by the fast boys and girls. Very close to the bikes. Not for the faint hearted!
  • Minimum manning is one DSM and four marshals. Flagman before entry; two marshals in the brick shelter, midway round, and second flagman at the exit. Portaloo available.
  • Limited parking opposite the entry flag box (two cars plus bikes). No catering, but marshals cook & brew-up on a gas cooker.
  • Views of the bikes for at least ½ mile. Views across Douglas, central valley and further south.

Finally, all marshals without transport can take the minibus pick up from the grandstand. Please ask at the office when you sign on.
All three Mountain sectors (9, 10 & 11) may be open to the elements but offer fast racing with stunning views of the Island.

Try it and you too may become hooked.

Mike Brown – Chief Sector Marshal