On the Day

When you finally get to go out onto the course and get to your marshalling location you will be shown what is required of you. If you are asked to do something you are not comfortable with, please feel free to say so at the time.

Before you leave home though it is wise to make sure you have with you:

  • Your warrant card and hi-viz tabard
  • Warm clothing including waterproofs
  • Enough food & drink for the day (remember, it could be long!)
  • Mobile Phone
  • Sun cream/midge repellent (depending on where you are Marshalling that day and what the weather is like!)

Ensure the Deputy or other senior Marshal at your location takes note of your warrant number so they can update the attendance records; without this, you will not be entered into any prize draw that may be running and you wont be eligible for any Steam Packet offers. Pester them if you have to!

Above all, have a safe day and enjoy yourself!