Marshalling on the course starts by REGISTERING your details with the Association. You only have to do this once!

Once you do this, you will receive your WARRANT NUMBER which is yours for life. You will also be prompted to create a password which you will use each time you want to sign-on.

You must sign-on for each event i.e. each TT and each MGP/CTT (FoM) each year but you can only do this when signing-on is open which, for the TT is usually around March and for the FOM, usually two weeks after the end of the TT.

Part of signing-on is to specify when and where you are available to Marshal. This information is then used by the Chief Sector Marshals to ensure each sector is adequately manned.

Currently we need over 530 Marshals for each session (practice or race) and these people need to be strategically placed around 37¾ mile course.