IMC courses

Below are the planned Incident Management Course dates and locations:
to book one, please contact the office by email

Sunday, 21st Jan 2018Douglas
Saturday, 24th Feb 2018Gloucester
Sunday, 25th Feb 2018Gloucester
Sunday, 4th Mar 2018Douglas
Saturday, 17th Mar 2018Bedford
Sunday, 18th Mar 2018Bedford
Saturday, 14th Apr 2018Redhill
Sunday, 15th Apr 2018Rugby
Saturday, 28th Apr 2018Liverpool
Sunday, 29th Apr 2018Liverpool
Saturday, 12th May 2018Douglas
Sunday, 13th May 2018Douglas
Thursday, 31st May 2018Douglas
Friday, 1st Jun 2018Douglas
Sunday, 15th Jul 2018Douglas
Thursday, 23rd Aug 2018Douglas
Friday, 24th Aug 2018Douglas
Sunday, 14th Oct 2018Douglas
Saturday, 27th Oct 2018Liverpool
Sunday, 28th Oct 2018Liverpool
Sunday, 4th Nov 2018Douglas