AGM 2018

Thanks to everyone who turned out for our 2018 AGM last night, 25 October.

Congratulations to the new and returning committee members.

The new chair of the IOMTTMA is Dave Dentith (new appointment)

The vice chair is Frank Mitchell (returning)

Three members were voted on to the committee: Shely Bryan (returning), Paul Corrin (new appointment) and Paul Thompson (returning)

The full committee is now:

Dave Dentith, chair

Frank Mitchell, vice chair

David Cairns, treasurer

Shely Bryan

Paul Corrin

Gavin Davies

Paul Thompson

Our company secretary (honorary post) is Paul Griffiths.

Our office administrator is Deana Corrin.

Our grateful thanks to those who stood down at this AGM: to our outgoing chairman, Robert Crane, for all his work on the committee and with IT, chairing the IOMTTMA this last three years, and to Robin for his work on the committee over the last two years. Thanks too to all those who put themselves forward for the committee vacancies.